The Kompensator testing centre allows conducts the following types of tests:

  • Strength and leak-tightness (hydraulic pressure up to 100 MPa);
  • Load and cyclic load tests (force up to 360 kN);
  • Vibration resistance, stability (item mass up to 1 t, push force up to 160 kN, frequency range from 5 to 2000 Hz);
  • Shock resistance (item mass up to 10 t, acceleration up to 5,500 m/s{^>2<^}, pulse duration up to 50 ms);
  • Seismic resistance;
  • Impact of pulsed pressure;
  • Simulation of transport jolting;
  • Artificial aging at temperatures up to 200ºС.

The testing centre of bellows equipment and technical equipment testing for mechanical actions of the Kompensator SPE, JSC is accredited by the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Certification (Gosstandard) within GOST R Certification System in 1993 and is authorized to conduct the certification test of products(accreditation certificate No. POCC.RU.0001.22.MП08.

accreditation certificate No. POCC.RU.0001.22.MП08.

Comprehensive approach to conducting tests, techniques selection, processing and presentation of results ensures the reliability and accuracy of the information received. The use of testing centre information base enables an individual approach to the problems of each particular customer.

Shock resistance, impact resistance, vibration strength, and vibration stability tests are conducted in compliance with the requirements of standards for weapon, military equipment and general-purpose industrial standards.

The implementation of the modern certified test methods, measurement instruments, use of modern equipment, and improviments in organizational management allows us to guarantee effective execution of work for the customer.

The testing centre also conducts other kinds of certification tests in its accreditation scope.

Accreditation scope:

- Test centre Director: Eugene Demin

Tel./fax: (812)784-97-05 / 784-97-30


Website: http://www.kompensator.ru

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