The calculation of the strength of the pipeline systems

At Kompensator SPE, JSC the Kompensator Design-engineering, CJSC company operates.

This company provides the following engineering services:

  1. Strength calculations for pipeline systems;
  2. Development and design of hanger-support system;
  3. Detailed design document execution;
  4. Packaged equipment supply;
  5. Supervised installation.

Main problems solved by the use of bellows expansion joints:

  1. Compensation of static loads on pipeline and equipment from temperature strains;
  2. Reduction of dynamic loads from the effect of external factors such as:
    • Subsidence and tilt of the foundation of the equipment and hanger support systems;
    • Hydraulic impacts resulting in pipeline low-frequency vibration;
    • Vibrations caused by equipment operation;
    • Seismic loads;
  3. Unloading the pipe header of tanks, flanges and nozzles of pump-and-compressor equipment;
  4. Compensation of pipeline misalignment during installation.

These problems are solved in the following way:

  1. Collection, study and analysis of the raw data (the information that is provided by the customer). If necessary, the specialists of our company will perform pipeline configuration measurements;
  2. Issuance of technical design specification for engineering work;
  3. Perform program calculations of pipelines;
  4. Issuance of detailed design documentation;
  5. Manufacturing and packaged delivery of expansion devices, hanger-support system and other pipeline elements;
  6. Monitoring.

CEO of the Kompensator DEC, CJSC: Sergey Davydov

Tel./fax: (812) 785-38-73 / 783-32-69



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