Kompensator test centre

Our own testing facilities are one of our most important competitive advantages. Certification and testing work is conducted on our own and just in time.

The Kompensator testing centre conducts checks of shock resistance, impact resistance, vibration strength, vibration stability of all items, in compliance with the requirements of standards for weapon, military equipment and for general-purpose industrial standards.

Products certification within GOST system

Voluntary and mandatory certification within GOST system for shipboard and industrial pipelines, boilers, fittings and connections.

Accreditation scope:

  • Shipboard, industrial, sanitary fittings;
  • Pipelines, fittings;
  • Heating equipment;
  • Compressor equipment;
  • Pumping equipment etc.

The calculation of the strength of the pipeline systems

  • Strength calculations for the pipeline systems;
  • Development and design of hanger-support system;
  • Detailed design documentation execution;
  • Packaged equipment supply;
  • Supervised installation.

Load compensation systems for loads from pipe headers on the wall of VSR 10-50 thous. cub. m.

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