Dear customers, our company manufactures and delivers bellows expansion joints to ANY city of the Russian Federation and near-abroad countries.

Shipment is carried out by self-delivery or by specialized transport companies in consultation with the customer.

We work with such transport companies such as Business Lines LLC, Zheldorexpedition LLC, Autospectrans LLC, AutoLife LLC etc. After payment and products manufacturing, the shipment is picked up by one of the above-mentioned transport companies, then the shipment is shipped “to the door” of the customer’s city or to the terminal of the transport company.

The cost of long-distance (international) delivery is calculated by the transport company at our request and depends on the shipment volume and weight. Services of the transportation company are paid by the purchaser.

You can find more detailed information on the websites of transport companies:

Self-delivery is carried out at address:

6, ul. Korabelnaya, St.Petersburg, Russia, 198096
Kompensator Sсientific and Production Enterprise, JSC.

Entrance to the plant territory is available from the Turuchtan islands Road, 3-rd transport checkpoint of the SZ Northern shipyard JSC.

Location map:

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- Logistics office Director: Valentina Tumakova

- Logistics Manager: Nadezhda Postonen

Tel./fax: (812)784-92-51/ 784-97-30


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