Process technology of bellows expansion joints of Kompensator SPE, JSC

A bellows expansion joint is a device that consists of bellows, connecting and limiting fittings capable of absorbing and compensating the relative displacements of a specified value and frequency that arises under pressure in tightly connected constructions and to conduct gases, liquids and steam under these circumstances.

The main element of a bellows expansion joint, the bellows, is an elastic axially symmetric corrugated metallic sheath that can stretch, contract, bend or shear under the action of pressure, temperature, force or moments of force.

The main manufacturing operation of bellows is the forming of multi-layer cylindrical shell packages performed using special equipment.

Then the bellows, depending on intended characteristics, are connected with the connection and clamp fittings (nozzles, flanges, pull rods, hinges, gimbal).

Offering to customers a full work cycle from development to final product shipment, Kompensator SPE, JSC is committed to ensure that its products conforms to the criteria of worldwide requirements and standards.

Main competitive advantages of products

  • Shortest production time.
  • Capability of single piece to mass production.
  • Service life of our production expansion joints is 20-50 years, of which the guaranteed service life is up to 10 years from commissioning.
  • High quality production is ensured by step-by-step operation checking during the complete manufacturing cycle (from material receiving inspection to the final product). Production engineering is performed taking into account the requirements of GOST 15.201.
  • Use of different methods of bellows forming during production: hydraulic, elastomeric and mechanical. The advantage of the hydraulic forming method is that the forming pressure is uniformly distributed over the entire surface of the bellows. This allows for a uniform load along with simultaneously forming of all the bellows corrugations and manufacture, a bellows with minimal material plastic strain (i.e. the bellows is practically free of stress points that contribute to its prolonged operation).
  • The company production facilities include Testing centre, allowing to conduct acceptance, certification, qualification and other testing.
  • The availability of highly skilled design engineering allows us to develop technical products of any complexity in accordance with the individual requirements of customers for different industries, as well as to provide technical support, consulting support (from quote to product commissioning) and services for the calculation of pipeline systems.

Proposed development of product nomenclature

Annually, the company performs various design and development projects that launch into the manufacture of new products.

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