Сompany history

– On the base of the Leningrad Zhdanov Shipyard, the BEJD (bellows expansion joints and damping devices) divisions of the Nevskoye Planning and Design Bureau were created which were located in the Leningrad Zhdanov Shipyard.

1978 – The development of the license for the Metallschlauch-Fabrik Pforzheim" ("Hydra"), FRG begun, the Special Design Engineering Bureau (SKTB) was transformed into SKTB Kompensator.

1979 – The R&D begun for the creation of bellows expansion joints for use in shipbuilding, rocket-and-space systems and heat supply networks.

1981г – The Special Design Engineering Bureau Kompensator was created that was subordinated to the shipyard named after A.A. Zhdanov and the General Operations office of Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry.

1982 – The specifications were developed for the first bellows expansion joints to compensate for thermal strain in pipelines in the Leningrad heat supply network.

1984 – The development of unique bellows expansion joints were completed for the gas exhaust systems for engines of civil vessels and naval ships.

1985 – R&D was completed for creating the bellows expansion joints for the Energia-Buran multipurpose rocket-and-space complex. Several employees of the company received government awards

1986 – SKTB Kompensator was granted the status of head organization for State testing of bellows equipment.

1989 – A branch test station was commissioned in the town of Gatchina, Leningrad region.

1989 – Work on the creation of bellows expansion joints for heat supply systems were greatly appreciated and included in the “Works for construction and modification of the district heating networks of Leningrad, Western Siberia and Moscow regions. The USSR State Agro-industrial Committee objects to use of new fuel-efficient technologies, materials and products.

1989 – Development and shipping of bellows expansion joints for CKD Prague Holding (Czechoslovakia).

1994 – The creation of bellows expansion joints for pipelines and RVC type reservoirs for oil loading terminals.

1998 – The creation of specifications for bellows expansion joints and metal bellows seals for ships pipelines and equipment.

2002 – The development of bellows expansion joints were completed for oil pipeline pumping stations at the pressure of 75 kgs/cm{^>2<^}.

2006 – On November 4, 2006 The St. Petersburg Committee for the Administration of State Property made a resolution for the transformation of FSUE Kompensator SPC into the open joint-stock company Kompensator Scientific and Production Company.

2005 – The quality management system was accredited by the tüv CERT certification body of the tüv NORD CERT GmbH & Co.RG

2010 – Mass production of thermo-hydroinsulated bellows expansion joints has begun.

2012 – The development of expansion joints for the nuclear industry. Agreement of specifications for the manufacturing of serial products with Rosenergoatom.

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