Kompensator Scientific and Production Enterprise, JSC is a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of bellows expansion joints and devices for different industries. Our products are supplied and successfully operated in the fields of:

shipbuilding, heat supply, energy, metallurgy, cryogenics, mechanical engineering, oil refining, chemical, airspace industries, oil and gas transport, thermal and nuclear power stations.


The company’s production facilities include Testing centre, that allows us to conduct approval, certification, qualification and other testing, among others in accordance with the requirements of standards for V and Vt.

The company also incorperates the certification body for the different kinds of industrial products. Certification is performed by highly qualified specialists, whose competence and professionalism are confirmed by The National System of Personnel Certification.

Kompensator SPE, JSC maintains a quality management system based on the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008. The company possesses all the required licenses and certificates for the development, manufacture, control, testing and shipping of bellows equipment and pipeline fittings:

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